Will Your Dream Girl Take Cash For Sex?

Will Your Dream Girl Take Cash For Sex???

It seems that the times are still changing. Over the last few years I have been amazingly surprised at how many women I run into. That take money for sex. I’m talking about actresses, professional models and amazingly beautiful women that you wouldn’t expect it from. In the old days it was called prostitution. But here now in the “Modern Age” it seems to be mostly called convenience.

More men seem to want their freedom in pursuing their interests and don’t really want to be tied down to a family. Many women even though they say they want to be married. You can take a look at divorce records and find out that the majority of women are the ones filing for divorce. So here are the steps to take to see if the girl that you like may spend some special time with you for a donation ;-).

Step 1 identify the target. You’ll find that often girls who refer to themselves as models. Seem to be the type of girls that will get down with this idea. They get the idea of sexuality for money being somewhat good. Also maybe a dancer at your local strip club. Or even an ultra beautiful girl you see at the club. You just have to see if they’re into the idea that beauty and money seem to revolve around together.

Step 2  listen to The Language they use with you. If the girls use language like honey or sweetie. Or they seem very friendly to you. Even though you might be a complete stranger. Good sign.

Step 3   Watch the language you use. You should always say things like. I would love you to be my girlfriend. Or say something like, if I was dating you I would fly you off to Europe. These are very flattering things to say. Also imply money and a relationship. Watch for the response you get back. If they somewhat agree to fly off to Europe. Ask them how much do they need a day? If she’s not that type of girl you can always argue that you were just going to give her an allowance. If she is that type of girl. Well then you know where you stand.

Step 4  Once she is into the idea. Be completely honest with what you want  her to do. She’ll tell you what she’s in. From that point you’re Off to the Races. If you’d like to check out some real world conversations referring to this, go check out tagthesponsor.com. That are known for exposing Instagram models.

The last thing I like to say is that of course some of these women will ask for outrageous amounts of money. From that point you just tell them. We will plan on something soon. Just keep checking in with them until they have to pay rent. Then just say. Well I have a little spending cash on me right now I can give you. You’ll get a great deal and a fun time with your dream girl.

It’s funny how the times have changed. Practice safe sex. 
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Will Your Dream Girl Take Cash For Sex?

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