A ruby is a girl’s best friend!

We decided to spark the year off with a bang, and finding a better pair for this shoot couldn’t have been more of a challenge… but we did it. The magnificent Nissan 300ZX.

The 90s Japanese chariot, glistening in ruby red, has an unruly presence – it still makes jaws drop and mouths drool in awe. We’re sure most men and women on this beautiful, big, blue and green ball of rock floating through space would humbly admit that there are hot girls, there are pretty girls and there are sexy girls, you’d probably admit that there are even girls out there who are all three… at the same time!

But, we have our very own girl that is not only all three but also obsessed with everything car! In fact, you should know that this sassy little vixen probably knows more about cars, from building to racing and literally everything in between… than you do! To top it all off, the absolutely bodacious, smoking hot, (we’re saying it), queen of the underground car world, Charne Lee Jones, tamed the mighty 300 with a nothing more than a gentle caress. They became besties and a shoot of epic proportions began… behold.