Video is SILENT to Allow You to Reflect .The Geo Shown Was Not Street Racing. Two Died, One Severely Injured. This is an epidemic. San Diego has seen a drastic reduction in illegal street racing thanks to RaceLegal and its partners and donors. We have reduced illegal street racing accidents, deaths and occurrences substantially. But this does not end our need for this program. Without it, these racers will return to the streets. Our program still needs your help. Please have a look at some of the stories you can find in the news, nationally. While we cannot post them all, we like to share some of them so people who are on our website for the first time can have a look at the real issue at hand. Before you read the news articles below, here is something you should take a peek at, a word from the NHRA. Or, you can watch them crush some cars HERE (Come to the track, so this don’t happen to you, even though public safety is the best reason to race LEGALLY at Qualcomm with

Racing leads to deaths Illegal street race turns deadly when Mustang crashes into van


Hulk Hogan’s Son in Serious Car Accident after Street Celebrity child caused major street racing accident

The Fast And The (Literally) Furious
California Cops Crackdown On Illegal Street Racing By Crushing Impounded Cars

Street racers caught illegally racing on our streets may face something more dire than time in jail, fines and public persecution. Videos like this are showing us another reason to keep your speedometer running normal until you get to our track. Then you can get all your need for speed out.