Now the facts can be revealed about the most recent buildup of our 1968 Charger known as the General Mayhem. Over the past several months we’ve had an Interweb jab-fest with Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage that led up to an 1/8-mile heads-up showdown of 707-horsepower, Hellcat-powered cars at our Roadkill Nights event on August 12, 2015. We got our doors blown off. They brought a lightweight, back-half ’67 Dart with a Powerglide and a trans brake, while we stuck to the rules we’d set: 3,500 pound minimum, leaf springs, 12-inch tires, and a 2015 Dodge Hellcat engine and trans. Up until now, that’s all you’ve really known, as we’ve been kind of secretive about our prep for the Gas Monkey drag race. Now we’re going to spell it out. If you don’t want to read all the details, scroll to the bottom for the spec list on the General Mayhem.


Secrets of Roadkill’s General Mayhem Hellcat Engine Swap