There are many Satellite TV viewers who chose this service for their television service and one of the reasons is that they rate highly in the satellite television arena for home viewing. However, there are other reasons and one of the other reasons is because they invest in technology to give viewers more channels, more movies and one of the latest is making car racing more of an experience for the fans by taking car racing to the next level.

There are a lot of NASCAR fans and there has been new additions to the way Directv is showing their viewers NASCAR racing as of April 6th. They are introducing what they are calling NASCAR HOTPASS this is planned to be used at the Texas Motor Speedway for the up and will place fans view behind the wheel as well as in the pit, their will be a view as the car goes around the track. Viewing will be possible with the teams and other parts of the track.

This is a broadcast package that will be offered at the track with the use of NASCAR Spring FanView to give fans at the tract the total experience of the race close up. This will give racing fans the ability to see through the crowd and put themselves right in the car with the driver, heightening the excitement of the viewers, as well as close up views of what is going on in the pit and with the teams. This will all be viewed from different vantage points that will give the fan the feeling of being down on the track.

The fans will have the ability to see four different drivers from the start of the race till the end of the race. This will be done with real time statistics and with in car audio as well as multiple camera angles and vantage points. This is bringing racing to a whole new level for fans and this service is offered with no additional charge for fans that purchase the NASCAR Sprint FanView or rent one for the races at the racetracks.

This is one of the ways that Directv is making the viewing experience better for their customers as well as showing where technology is heading. It will also make the car racing experience more exiting for the fans that attend the races, now and in the future.


Source by Jakie Johnson

Satellite TV At The Races With NASCAR