The RC Hobby has always been dominated by hard-core enthusiasts that have been in the hobby for one reason, and one reason only – to build the fastest RCs and to win trophies on race day.

However, a new subculture of RC hobbyists is rapidly emerging – the RC Car Bashers. RC Car Bashers are not in the hobby just for racing. Their enthusiasm for the hobby goes beyond just racing and competing for trophies.

Some really just enjoy building, tuning, and tweaking their RC’s to make them the fastest, or the best looking, or the most unique out there. Many have local friends in the hobby, and go RC bashing at a local park, parking lot, street or even their own back-yards.

Building jumps and jumping their RCs over things is a favorite of RC Car Bashers.

In fact, the typical RC Car Basher spends more time fixing broken parts on their RC’s than anything else, because their RC fun goes far beyond the safety of an RC dirt track.

Unlike most racers who take meticulous care of their RCs, most Bashers are quite the opposite – always looking for the next extreme thing to do with their little speed rockets. Breaking a part on their RCs while out having fun is almost a given, which is why Hobby Stores love them. They’re always coming in for more stuff.

Many RC companies have realized the existence of this RC Car Basher subculture for quite some time now and have been learning how to cater to the “Basher”, and not just the “Racer”. In fact, it is actually the “Bashers” that predominantly fund the majority of the growth in the industry, as the sheer number of them compared to RC Car Racers is staggering.

Many Hobby Store owners will tell you that racers come in and purchase one kit, and then drive it forever, coming in only to purchase more fuel or the odd upgrade. Bashers, however, are always looking to purchase the next new kit as they get tired of their old ones or have gotten bored of fixing them.

As the hobby continues to grow, more and more companies are targeting Bashers and releasing Ready-to-Run (RTR) kits which come pre-assembled and are ready to be taken out of the box and bashed at the local park.

As the industry evolves, RC Car Bashers are going to become more and more prominent in the hobby as RC manufacturers and Hobby Shop owners are realizing that there is a lot more to the hobby than just competing for trophies.


Source by Paul Piotrowski

RC Car Bashing Vs RC Car Racing