History “DragGirls.com”

Located in Las Vegas. Sin City. Home of the Las Vegas Speedway, Shelby Factory and the wildest strippers and models in America. About how we started DragGirls.com. After shooting pictorials and videos for over 20 years in the tuning scene. It dawned upon me that there is no real home for the beautiful, sexy and voluptuous women of racing. Which go by many names. Grid Girls, Import Models, Flag Girls, Tuning Models, Pinups, Garage Girls and many other names.  That’s why DragGirls.com was created. To present the lifestyle of fast girls and even faster cars. Our company has found a few other websites over the years. Combiningsexy girls and automobiles. DragGirls.com has its own unique language, backstory and social lifestyle. That can be found at the raceway and auto shows. Beautiful women from all over the world flock to these areas be in front of the most beautiful cars in the world. The women do anything to get the attention of the crowds. You can only find this in this culture and lifestyle here, and  nowhere else. We appreciate all our Drag Fans that allow us to expand the culture of Drag Girls. Please support us where you can so we can continue to bring you these beautiful, sexy and wild girls.

Our Backstory or History

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