Born on October 24th in 1962 at Hartford, Ohio, David Blaney is one of the more famous NASCAR drivers on the sprint tracks. He chalks down his favorite childhood memory to watching his dad race with his brother. It used to enthrall the young Blaneys when they saw how their father handled his car and the way he used to win.

Blaney was first racing in the World of Outlaws in 1992 and he won the 1995 championship. Being the talent that he is, he went on to win the 1997 Knoxville Nationals which in the world of sprint car racing, is THE premier event. Blaney then made his way into NASCAR championships in 1999 but he managed to keep his sprint car team going while looking out for his brother Dale in the competition.

He debuted at the Busch Series in 1998 and went home with three sixth-place finishes and a pole position during the very same season. Blaney first made an appearance in the NASCAR Winston Cup in 1999 with a 31st spot finish. He ran five races and finished up at the 23rd spot at Homestead later that season. He was also doing impressively well during the Busch Series in the same year with four pole wins and a seventh place for the final points standing. It was the same season that he was able to finish twice second. The next year he came back full time and brought home two top tens and was second runner up for the NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year in the same season.

Blaney, who isn’t a fan of slow drivers in the left lane, nearly held the victory cup in his hands in 2001 was left with a 7th spot finish in the 2002 season at Phoenix. He managed to grab three top ten wins in 2003 but did not do as well during the rest of the season. While in the Busch Series, Blaney managed to finish the whole race even while suffering from suspension failure. His car would have problems in the next season’s race where he finished 35th even though he started at 13 and was leading three laps.

Although the years after that were a bit rough on Blaney and his team, they did go on to win the two top ten finishes in 2005. However in 2007, Blaney won the first ever Budweiser Pole Award for Toyota at the New Hampshire International Speedway and that was also the second in his career. That win plus his 32nd driver points and his 35th owner points position made Blaney’s team the number one in Toyota. 2007 also gave Blaney the chance to earn a one top-five, five top-ten season finishes and a third place finish at the UAW Ford 500 at Talladega which was not only Toyota’s best finish but Blaney’s career best as well. Because Blaney was in the top 35 in owner points, the starting spot in the first five races in 2008 will have his name written all over the track.

As for the Busch Series, Barley clocked in his best finish at Dover in 2005 with a 12th place finish and debuted with a new team at Lowe’s Motor Speedway the following year with a 15th position finish. He did however win his first Busch Series later on the same year. Blaney has also taken part in the Craftsman Truck Series which saw his debut in 2004 where he finished at 6th place. He has gone on to make a second start at the 2007 ford 200 at Homestead-Miami Speedway with a tenth place finish.

When Blaney isn’t on the tracks, he is either at the Syracuse Nationals in New York or cheering his brother on at the sprint car tracks.


Source by Christopher DiCicco

NASCAR’s Dave Blaney – From Boy to Superstar