Hot Import Nights Worcester 2015 Official Video W/ V.I.P. After Party

How do we even start to begin with this one. Long story short, a great time, with very little time. This show was held in mid June of this year in Worcester Mass. Fortunately but unfortunately, we were up to our necks in work and everything else at this time of the summer. Very busy time for us at Pure Innovations. Our media director, Tom, was currently working on a feature film, plus a few weddings prior. Not too much time for play. And our Leadman Will Dresser was out of town on family matters and business. We almost couldn’t make it with the way things were going. But we said, screw it. We couldn’t miss one of the best car shows on the east for shenanigans that will happen all year round. So we put everything to the side and sent it. With that being said, it took us a little longer than expected to finish this project, seeing that we had to catch up were we had left off on other projects. But better late than never right?

I know what your thinking…excuses, excuses. And why does he keep going off on this rant? haha. IDK. I feel sometimes its better to tell the long boring truth rather than hide it with question marks. But seeing that I am ranting lol, let me take this time to describe this video.

Hot Import Nights is a lifestyle, much more than just a car show. Over others, they provide a party with an amazing scene to spice up all our beautiful cars that we spend way too much time and money on. They offer you an opportunity to have your show car be seen by the best, have a bunch of models pose and take pictures around you and your car, have a few drinks, and enjoy some live music. Not to mention the clubs with V.I.P. access before and after the shows. Much more than your average weekly meet at starbucks if you ask me. So I tried to tie all of which into this video. The roll ins, the cleaning, the setup, the questions, the show, the party and everything else that comes with it, because its more than just the cars here at Hot Import Nights. Its the lifestyle. Its the lifestyle of the most professional of car enthusiasts and the way that we live. So thats kind of what I like to capture in these videos. Cars, with a little more. Because with all the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this lifestyle, you deserve a little more.

I really hope you enjoy, and if theres something somebody didn’t like or would have changed, please feel free to leave a comment. Im always open to new ideas. Thank you also for reading this giant description too, if anyone has. Ok I’m done ranting now, !!!ENJOY!!!


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