Dub Show 2016 L.A. Video

We just got back from the LA Dub Show. What is the Dub Show? It is one of the Premier Car Shows that tours the country. It just happens that there Los Angeles one is very popular. Featuring this year was quite a few musical guests, and some beautiful models that come out just for the car show so they can take photos with fans and the cars. We’ve added a bunch of photos below so you can check out the girls and the cars. Be sure to click any of them for a larger image for detail. If you like to copy any of these photos and place them on your own blog be sure to do that. Please don’t remove the logo though. We recommend that everyone should go see the dub show if it comes by their area. It is a blast and easy to navigate and lots of room for everyone to have a good time.
Models: Maddy Belle, Lisa Lee Marie, Lilly Evans