The sad thing about the United States auto market is that we do not get all the great car brands that are available to our fellow auto enthusiasts over in Europe. Believe it or not, not all auto makers have realized a market in North America for their products, and that is a very sad thing because there are many great brands in Europe that do not have a presence in North America. We have made a list of some of the brands we wish were in the North American automotive market.

We do get the lovely Italian Maserati brand in the states, but we do not get the less expensive and equally beautifully designed Alfa Romeo models. In Europe the Alfa Romeo cars are priced in the range of BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars, but they special because they are Italian designed and made. Italy makes some of the most beautiful cars in the world and Alfa Romeo is no exception. There has been much talk of the Italian brand coming back to North America over the past several years, but we have yet to get a definite answer as to whether or not that will actually happen.

Next on our list is Fiat, another Italian car manufacturer founded in Turin, Italy. I find it odd that Americans like so many Italian things, but we are left without many of their high quality automakers. I picked Fiat mostly because of my love for the Fiat 500. The 500 is a great little 3 door hatchback model that is much like the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S. Fiat makes many performance versions for those who want a fun little fast car to have fun in, but the standard models are greatly for getting outstanding fuel efficiency which is rated much higher than the Mini Coopers.


Source by Jim H Crow

Best Car Brands That Aren’t In the United States