Creating a NASCAR fan club takes a lot of time to operate. Although it is a hobby, it should not be taken lightly. There will be a time when you will be accepting money to provide a service and it is your duty to seriously review how much time in your day you can spare and if you want that time to be taken by running a fan club. However, the exact amount of time you put in the fan club depends on what you offer to your members. There is also the matter of creating publications about the fan club and NASCAR, though this will only take a short time each month. If you are working full time and have NASCAR as a hobby to fill up your extra time, you might want to think about what you’ll be committing to before starting anything up.

But if you really want to set up a NASCAR fan club, you must also consider the money. Like any other fan club, a NASCAR fan club can cost money and possibly generate some too. This is why some fan clubs sell merchandises to gain profit and continue to invest in the fan club. Setting up a NASCAR fan club itself costs money and, if you are going to be the president, this cost must come from you. The exact amount of setting up a NASCAR fan club varies depending on what you want to offer through your club. You will have to figure the cost of stationery, the original fan club magazine, photos, membership cards and postage. There is also the cost of club advertising in various publications. The projected number of members should also be considered; whether you are going for a small NASCAR fan club with 50 members or as large as 1000 members. However, it is always better to start small with a simple newsletter and expand as the membership grows. Refrain from making too many promises at the outset as this can make the fan club end with few members.

Like many fan clubs out there, a NASCAR fan club must be given permission first from the correct authorities. The entertainment industry, as well as NASCAR, is very careful about copyright laws and you might just end up with a lawsuit if you start the fan club without prior permission. The same holds true for online fan clubs and Web sites. It is better to check with a NASCAR agent to know the policies in setting up a NASCAR fan club. The good news is, NASCAR allows fans to set up their own fan clubs. However if you choose to run an unofficial fan club, you must always be ready for the chance for it to cease and desist operation.

The next thing you need to consider is the reason why you want to set up a NASCAR fan club. Some of the people that establish a fan club have underlying hope that it will eventually lead to some kind of communication with a NASCAR celebrity. This is not necessarily a bad reason. You should start a fan club for the reason that you want to connect with other fans, share information that you have gathered about NASCAR and help them get in touch with each other through a network.

It is important to know what your fan club will offer to fellow fans and how much to charge for it. The one standard in every fan club is a publication of some sort. This can serve as a means of communication between club members. There are also other clubs that offer membership cards and packages. Here is where you can apply you creativity. You can offer just about anything as long as it incorporates everything that has to do with NASCAR. Allow the club to grow along with its membership. You do not have to start big as this may prove to be too costly.

Setting up a NASCAR fan club can be time consuming but it is important that you enjoy what you do. This is a hobby and hobbies should be enjoyed. You, as the fan club president, should always project the right attitude for your members; if you do not enjoy what you do, your member might start to leave the club. Additionally, if you do not enjoy the fan club, there is no reason for you to be doing it. A terrific fan club president must be enthusiastic and motivating.


Source by Miodrag Trajkovic