It has been reported that Toyota is planning to run a hybrid car in the NASCAR endurance race soon. The endurance race runs for 24 hours, so the question is, can the NASCAR’s hybrid racer finish the race let alone win it?

Toyota has been developing and making hybrid cars since 2006 and the world’s leading seller of hybrids vehicles, Yomiuri Shimbun, wants the Le Mans endurance race to be the main showcase for the hybrid vehicle.

There are professionals in all fields working hard on the NASCAR’s hybrid racer to get it ready for 2010.

It may seem like a lifetime away, but in reality it will come up to them quicker than a starting car. There are dozens of people from Toyota in the racing and the hybrid divisions working round the clock to perfect the car.

Toyota as a company is no stranger to this field as it has had a hybrid racer win an endurance race that lasted 24 hours. It was the Supra HV-R hybrid car that Toyota won with. They stopped however during 1999 when the car only placed second. They started to focus on the formula 1 racing world.

Hybrid cars can stand the test of an endurance race as Toyota has proved in the past. Is it only a matter of time before every car in races such as NASCAR and Formula 1 are hybrid cars?

The green cars still play second best to diesel or petrol cars; can they ever make it up to and beyond them? There is no doubt that hybrid cars can stand up in style, speed and comfort stakes.

However, when we are talking about 24 hour endurance races and Formula 1 races; will they ever be able to get anywhere close?

Hybrid cars of NASCAR may be said as not second best, however, as these cars have shown through tests that they are at par with the world’s best diesel and petrol cars.

There is no doubt that the world is starting to take hybrid cars more seriously than ever before, we are more focused on what is green now than we ever have been. It is important for all aspects of motoring that NASCAR’s hybrid racer can perform and outperform other standard cars.

It could lead the way for everyone else to take notice too. Right now, the world over is betting that hybrids have lots of good things to offer to the riding public.

And they are certainly right about that.

NASCAR hybrid racers like that of Toyota will make big news, as predicted by sports fans, in the upcoming endurance race because of the increase efforts invested by automakers.

Design, engineering and endurance tests have been amazingly doubled by most companies to give the hybrids especially the NASCAR racers the push they need to further upgrade their reputation and worldwide acceptance. NASCAR hybrid racers will give avid car racing fans the show they want to see come the next Daytona or even F1.

Hybrid cars have really gone a long way and the world has indeed realized that the gas guzzling, environment harming vehicles are not going to save the world any time soon.

The eco-drive that hybrid cars offer has finally found its way to America and they have managed to do it in amazing style… Not that we expected anything less of course.


Source by Alex Baumm

A Hybrid Car Races Round The Block