84 Chevy Truck 5.3 LS vs 96 Trans Am LT1 – Street Race Video – C10 Before Heads/Tune Race

My buddy and I racing my ’84 C10 with a 5.3 LS swap against his ’96 Trans Am LT1 5.7.

Truck is running lean @ 15.6:1 because of the factory 5.3 tune. A rematch video will be posted once the truck is tuned to show the difference when the computer is actually setup for the cam and heads.

1984 Chevrolet Truck C10:
’01 5.3 325ci, LS6 Cam
Home P&P, .030 mill, 2″ LS1 in Valves
4L80E, 3.73, Eaton posi, 20″ Wheels
Stock Exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust, no cats

1996 Pontiac Trans AM:
5.7 LT1
T56, 3.42 gears
Long Tube headers with “Mike” built exhaust.

UPDATE 2-2013:
Finally got the truck dyno’d yesterday! woohoo! It would be considered the ”after” dyno. After my home ported heads were installed and tuned. It is no longer running lean. Now my bald tires are slipping. Time for tires and then a rerun. I’ve already messaged Mike in the TA. Here’s the dyno video after ported heads and a tune here:

UPDATE 2-15-2013: ’84 Chevy Truck was stolen February 2013 in Huntsville Alabama. So there will be no rematch race.

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